Mixed Media Fashion Paper Dolls

Did you every play with paper dolls as a kid? Well, I am still playing with and creating my own mixed media fashion paper dolls. I’ve been inspired by mixed media artist Teesha Moore and the photography of Shoicki Aoki. I have been collaging fashion paper dolls for my art journal pages!

Fruits Art Books Found on Amazon

The altered collages are made using the photos of teenagers in Harajuku, Tokyo. These images are published in the “Fruits” books by Japanese photographer Shoichi Aoki

Cut, trace, collage and doodle! To start, I tear out a page from my Fruits art book. Then I trace the elements of the image to make a “pattern.” Using the pattern to create new “clothes” with scrapbook paper or your own collaged art papers.

First, change the skirt & pants with collaged scrapbook paper.  Secondly, put a “new” face on her and doodle in some fun hair in different colors! Then add your paper fashion doll to one of your art journal pages.

In addition, you can get out your stencils, stamps, markers and paints to decorate your art journal page.

Most important thing to remember is to just play and have fun! Your art journals are just that, journals to keep your art in.

Summing up, I just love to play with paper! Creating my own mixed media fashion paper dolls is just another fun way to express my creativity.

Make my heart sing!

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